Automating Pitch's KPI Reporting

Project overview

I automated Pitch's KPI reporting process by creating a comprehensive dashboard that covers over 20 essential business metrics across marketing, sales, product, and revenue. The dashboard allows users to filter data by date, acquisition channel, company size, revenue, and more, providing deeper insights into the factors driving KPIs.


To build this solution, I integrated 7 data sources into Snowflake, created 16 source models, 12 staging models, and 6 reporting models. Data ingestion happens via Fivetran and Airbyte, dbt is used for data transformation, and Metabase for data visualization.


The new reporting system delivers daily insights, a significant upgrade from the previous weekly reporting cadence. Pitch can now identify and react to KPI anomalies 7x faster. The streamlined process also saves 8 working hours per week, totaling 416 working hours annually.

Upon project delivery, Pitch fully migrated to Metabase for reporting. The project also served as a proof of concept for Pitch's data stack, which was later expanded to enhance the company's data self-service capabilities.

If you're curious about automating data reporting or considering a similar overhaul in your organization, let's chat.